BDStudio Beta 1.1.1 Bugfix Release: Enhancing Stability and Rendering Accuracy

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We are pleased to announce the release of BDStudio Beta 1.1.1, a bugfix update that addresses several issues reported by our dedicated community. This release focuses on improving stability, fixing rendering inconsistencies, and resolving critical bugs to ensure a seamless and enjoyable Minecraft building experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the significant bug fixes and improvements introduced in Beta 1.1.1:

Automatic Selection of Duplicates and New Groups

Managing duplicates and newly created groups is now more intuitive and efficient. In Beta 1.1.1, duplicates and new groups are automatically selected, allowing you to quickly identify and modify them without the need for manual selection. This enhancement streamlines your workflow, saving you time and effort during the editing process.

Scale Set to 0 No Longer Causes NaN Values

We understand the frustration caused by unexpected errors when setting the scale of objects to 0. In Beta 1.1.1, we have addressed this issue, ensuring that setting the scale to 0 no longer produces NaN (Not a Number) values. Now you can confidently adjust the scale of objects without encountering any mathematical anomalies.

Improved Rendering of Blocks with Rotated Elements

Blocks that feature rotated elements, such as plants and rails, are now rendered accurately in BDStudio Beta 1.1.1. We have resolved rendering inconsistencies that affected the appearance and positioning of these elements, ensuring that they align correctly within the block structure. Enjoy a more visually pleasing and realistic representation of your creations.

Fixed Texturing Issues of Blocks with Animated Textures

Animated textures add life and dynamism to Minecraft builds. However, some blocks with animated textures were experiencing texturing issues in previous versions. In Beta 1.1.1, we have resolved this problem, ensuring that blocks with animated textures display only the first frame of the animation correctly and with the appropriate scaling.

Removal of Unloadable Blockstates

We understand the frustration caused by encountering unloadable blockstates for certain objects like chests, signs, banners, and skulls. In Beta 1.1.1, we have addressed this issue by removing unloadable blockstates from BDStudio. Now you can work seamlessly with all supported blocks and structures without encountering any compatibility issues.

Embrace the Stability and Rendering Accuracy of BDStudio Beta 1.1.1

The stability enhancements and rendering accuracy provided by this bugfix release will elevate your Minecraft building experience, ensuring a smooth and reliable editing environment.

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Happy building!