BDStudio Beta 1.1.2: Enhanced Functionality and Improved Workflow

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We are thrilled to announce the release of BDStudio Beta 1.1.2, that introduces new features and enhancements to streamline your Minecraft building experience. This release focuses on improving functionality and optimizing workflow, empowering you to create intricate designs with greater ease and efficiency.

Let’s explore the key changes and additions in Beta 1.1.2:

Introducing the Replace Functionality

In response to user feedback and requests, we have introduced a valuable new feature: the replace functionality. Now, when you click on a blockstate in the block search, BDStudio will automatically replace the selected block display with the new blockstate. If a collection is selected, a new block display will be added. This enhancement simplifies the process of modifying and updating your Minecraft projects, allowing for quick and seamless adjustments to block displays.

Improved Selection Workflow in the 3D Viewport

We understand the importance of a smooth and intuitive selection process in a 3D editing environment. In Beta 1.1.2, we have enhanced the selection workflow in the 3D viewport. Now, when you select an object in the 3D viewport, BDStudio will traverse the project tree successively. For example, clicking on a block display that is inside a collection will first select the collection, and with a second click, you can directly select the block display itself. This improvement saves you time and eliminates the need for additional clicks, ensuring a more efficient and precise selection process.

Get Started with BDStudio Beta 1.1.2

Visit the official website at to try BDStudio and start exploring the endless possibilities it offers.

As the creator of BDStudio, I am committed to continuously improving and expanding its features based on user feedback and needs. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of BDStudio, and I encourage you to provide suggestions, report any issues at

Happy building!