BDStudio Beta 1.1: Unleashing New Possibilities in Minecraft Building

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We are thrilled to announce the release of BDStudio Beta 1.1, the latest update that brings exciting new features and enhancements to Minecraft builders and creators. Based on invaluable user feedback and extensive development, Beta 1.1 takes BDStudio to new heights, empowering you to unleash your creativity and build extraordinary experiences within the Minecraft universe.

Let’s dive into the remarkable changes and improvements that Beta 1.1 introduces:

Minecraft 1.20 Compatibility

BDStudio Beta 1.1 is fully updated to be compatible with the latest Minecraft 1.20 release. You can now seamlessly incorporate the latest Minecraft features and blocks into your creations, ensuring your builds stay up-to-date and visually stunning.

Undo / Redo Functionality

We understand the importance of flexibility and experimentation in the creative process. With the new Undo / Redo functionality, you have the freedom to make changes, try different ideas, and easily revert or redo them if needed. No longer will a misplaced block or an unintended modification hinder your creative flow.

Faster Loading Times

We value your time and want to ensure a smooth and efficient experience while using BDStudio. With optimized loading algorithms, Beta 1.1 offers significantly faster loading times, allowing you to jump right into your projects without any unnecessary delays.

Multi-Level Grouping and Editing

Building intricate and complex structures requires efficient organization and management. That’s why we introduced multi-level grouping and editing in BDStudio Beta 1.1. You can now create nested groups, enabling a hierarchical structure for your objects and making it easier to handle large-scale projects. Dive deep into the details, modify specific sections, and maintain a clear overview of your creations.

Named Collections and Projects

To streamline your workflow and enhance project organization, Beta 1.1 introduces the ability to name collections and projects. Assign meaningful names to your collections and projects, making them easily identifiable and improving collaboration among team members. Keep your work organized and navigate through your creations effortlessly.

Additional NBT Tags for Block Displays and Collections

We understand the need for granular control over your Minecraft builds. In Beta 1.1, we have expanded the possibilities by allowing the insertion of additional NBT tags for block displays and collections. Fine-tune the behavior, appearance, and attributes of your blocks by adding custom NBT tags. Block displays will inherit the NBT tags of their parent collection, streamlining the customization process.

Improved Rendering of Transparent Objects

Transparent objects add depth and visual interest to your Minecraft builds. In Beta 1.1, we have enhanced the rendering of transparent objects.

Loading Animation

To provide better feedback during project loading, Beta 1.1 includes a loading animation. Watch as your projects come to life, knowing that BDStudio is diligently preparing your creation for an incredible Minecraft experience. The loading animation adds a touch of professionalism and excitement to your building process.

Breaking Up Long Commands

We understand the importance of respecting Minecraft’s command length limit of 32500 characters. In Beta 1.1, we have implemented a feature that automatically breaks up long commands into several manageable parts. This ensures smooth execution of your commands within Minecraft, eliminating any potential issues due to command length limitations.

Get Started with BDStudio Beta 1.1

We invite you to experience the power and versatility of BDStudio Beta 1.1. Unleash your imagination, bring your ideas.

Visit the official website at to try BDStudio and start exploring the endless possibilities it offers.

As the creator of BDStudio, I am committed to continuously improving and expanding its features based on user feedback and needs. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of BDStudio, and I encourage you to provide suggestions, report any issues at

Happy building!